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Integrations & Features

Pingcord is a Discord bot designed to quickly notify your community from a variety of sources.

Instagram Logo

Instagram Integration

Coming Soon!

Notifications/"pings" for posting on your business Instagram page!

Speed: Instant

YouTube Logo

YouTube Integration

Notifications/"pings" for a wide range of actions on YouTube, including publishing a new video or going live.

Supports YouTube Livestreams and Premieres!

Speed: Instant, up to 2 minutes

Twitch Logo

Twitch Integration

Notifications/"pings" for a wide range of actions on Twitch, such as going live or posting a video.

Speed: Instant, up to 2 minutes

Mixer Logo

Mixer Integration

Notifications/"pings" for going live on Mixer.

Speed: Instant, up to 2 minutes

Reddit Logo

Reddit Integration

Notifications/"pings" when a post has been made in a subreddit.

Speed: Up to 2 minutes

Facebook Logo

Facebook Pages Integration

Notifications/"pings" for a posting or going live on Facebook

Supports Facebook livestreams!

Only works with Pages you have moderator access to, due to Facebook privacy rules.

Speed: Instant

Twitter Logo

Twitter Integration

Notifications/"pings" for tweeting, and Periscope support soon!

Speed: Instant

Custom Timers

Set messages to post at specific intervals.

Speed: Instant

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