We're raising the bar for Discord notifications

Tired of unreliable sub boxes? Slow notifications?

Looking for a way to reliably let your Discord community know when you go live, post a video, post to social media and more, all on time?

You've come to the right place! Take a look at what Pingcord can do for you below!

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Integrations & Features

Pingcord is a Discord bot designed to quickly notify your community from a variety of sources.

Instagram Logo



Notifications/"pings" for posting on your Instagram account!

Only works with accounts you have access to, due to Instagram privacy limitations.

Speed: Instant, up to 2 minutes

YouTube Logo


Notifications/"pings" for a wide range of actions on YouTube, including publishing a new video or going live.

Supports YouTube Livestreams and Premieres!

Speed: Instant, up to 2 minutes

Twitch Logo


Notifications/"pings" for a wide range of actions on Twitch, such as going live or posting a video.

Speed: Instant, up to 2 minutes

Reddit Logo


Notifications/"pings" when a post has been made in a subreddit.

Speed: Up to 2 minutes

Facebook Logo

Facebook Pages

Notifications/"pings" for posting on your page, or going live.

Supports Facebook livestreams!

Only works with Pages you have moderator access to, due to Facebook privacy rules.

Speed: Instant

Twitter Logo


Notifications/"pings" for tweeting, and Periscope support soon!

Speed: Instant

Spotify Logo


BETA for Premium users!

Notifications/"pings" for posting a new episode of your podcast!

Speed: Instant

Custom Timers

Set messages to post at specific intervals.

Speed: Instant

Custom RSS feeds

Coming Soon!

Monitor custom RSS feeds.

Speed: Up to 3 minutes

Blazing fast

IRIS technology developed in-house uses multiple methods of ingesting data from services so that we receive data as quickly as possible.

Pings are never missed even during maintenance.


200,000+ servers


1.3M+ / day

Beautiful format as standard

With powerful and easy-to-use message editor.

Full control over message embed fields available with Pingcord Premium.

Updated UI

Simple and easy to configure.

Sounds good?

We think so too, get started with Pingcord now!

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